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Question: Media Buying

We highly recommend you prevent SEO grey areas. Because if the backlinks that we utilize are low-quality ones, some problems will occur and cause the domain ranking to decrease. We are certain that great quality of content and the lack of technical issues will overcome high-quality backlinks eventually. But if you happen to need off-page SEO too, we will be glad to assist you with the next level plans.

We can provide Backlinks services only on our side project websites, with terms and conditions applied. Actually, Backlink is a grey area for cmlabs. We suggest you be aware of the risk of enabling Backlinks. Backlinks have the potential to decrease your website score from Google’s perspective. A high-quality website (SEO-friendly) will overcome high-quality Backlinks automatically, where you can set it as “nofollow”.

Currently, the Media Buying package is still limited to Indonesian enterprises and startups with local target market. We hope that we can provide this service for the global market in the near future.

PR/Branding is a service where clients will get a brand mention from reputable publishers so that they can gain more brand recognition. Backlink to National Media is a service where clients will get a brand mention and the website’s link included in the article written by popular media publishers so that clients can strengthen the branding and have an opportunity to level up the business reputation online. Backlink is a service that aims to help clients gain more website traffic from relevant website references. In cmlabs, clients are not able to choose the websites, instead, cmlabs team will find the right website that is fit to client’s business based on research, strict SEO aspect-checking namely DA, PA, DR, organic traffic, and industries' high relevancies topic.

Of course, we can provide national media suggestions based on your needs, business objectives, and budget.

Apparently, we could not give you the list of websites for backlink activity. But we will assure you that the website we recommend is a high-quality one (with great domain authority, sufficient organic traffic by strict SEO aspect checking and focus on the SEO metrics) and will be relatable to yours.

Yes, you can, but first, our team will analyze and audit the requested websites. So we can avoid low-quality backlinks, and we suggest you follow our recommendations.

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